Le District


To my fellow New Yorker #foodies, quit Instagramming your Momofuku ice cream for a second (don’t worry, you’ll survive) and check out Le District. This French marketplace has everything you could possibly desire and more — and yes, plenty of gram-worthy food. From fragrant patisseries and creperies to a full-blown fresh market, Le District is a French food haven. I first came here a few weeks ago with my boss on my first day of work, expecting a stuffy restaurant with prices my cheap intern ass certainly wouldn’t be able to afford. Instead, I found a veritable cornucopia of food stalls and restaurants.

The best part?

Most dishes were $15 or less.

I’ve only been to Le District twice, but both times I frequented Rotisserie, a savory meal stand that gives you a base (such as rice or couscous), a main dish, and two sides for $12. I went for the potato mousseline (like mashed potatoes, but better), beef bourguignon, curried chickpea and carrot salad, and sweet roasted peppers. I was initially wary of the cafeteria-style serving method, but let me tell you, I was wrong. Each dish was packed with flavor: the bourguignon rich and hearty, the potatoes buttery and the chickpea salad sweet and laced with hints of Moroccan influence. It was so good the first time that I couldn’t resist the same exact meal the second time around with my parents, despite the mouth-watering crepe stand only a few hundred feet away. Though I do plan to take the plunge and try something different next time I go (looking at you, savory champignon and gruyere crepe), I highly recommend you give Rotisserie a chance.

And besides, there’s plenty of other options should you not want such a hearty meal. Check out the glace stand for some inventive and truly unique gelato flavors, or the cheese counter for, well, you know, cheese. Need I say more? There’s even a killer happy hour deal that gives you a glass of wine for $5, which is near unheard of in the city that never sleeps. So what are you waiting for?

Bon Appetit, mes amis.





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