Mulberry & Vine

©bites by bridget

Hello fellow foodies!

I’ve been sick for a while so I’ve really been slacking on the posts (and cooking, unfortunately), but your girl is back and better than ever with a food review just in time for the weekend! I just finished my internship at artnet yesterday, and my lovely boss was kind enough to treat me to one last lunch. After perusing the streets of Tribeca, we finally settled on this adorable ready-to-eat restaurant called Mulberry & Vine on Warren Street. Weeks of hacking coughs and runny noses had my body craving warm, hearty health food that would be easy on my weakened immune system — this cute eatery ended up being just what the doctor ordered (yes, cliche intended).

My boss had been raving for weeks about their charred avocado, which is filled with a creamy, garlicky tahini dressing and served still in skin. Naturally, after picking that out from the selection right away, I also opted for cold Thai-style noodles and a savory vegetable mash. The mash definitely had Middle Eastern flavors, filled with carrots and potatoes and a hint of saffron, and the soft texture was easy on my irritated throat. The noodles were crisp and refreshing, and the avocado was every bit as delicious as was promised. Eating out sometimes leaves me feeling sluggish and guilty, but I felt full and at ease after finishing my meal. Hey, their slogan is “Live Dirty, Eat Clean” after all. I’m not so sure about the living dirty part (my life is about as vanilla as it gets) but there may be something to eating clean, because I sure did feel great.

Did I stuff my face with a hot dog macaroni and cheese two hours later? Yes, but I was still grateful my lunch was so refreshing.

If you’re looking for simple, flavorful, and reasonably priced food, definitely check out Mulberry the next time you’re in the lower Manhattan area. And DEFINITELY don’t leave without getting that avocado (unless you’re allergic, bites by bridget in no way endorses medical risks).

Bon Appetit,



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