Hey foodies!

I’m officially breaking my hiatus (I blame job hunting and worrying about my ever-nearing foray into the real world) to grace you all with more bad jokes and #foodporn. Just last week, as I realized for the 22nd year of my existence that I was, in fact, single and ready to mingle yet again on Valentine’s Day, I came up with the ultimate holiday treat. Because Valentine’s day isn’t just about cloyingly sweet couples and Neoclassical babies dressed in diapers — it’s a celebration of love, whether it’s romantic or some much needed self-appreciation. So I gathered up all of my roommates last Tuesday and debuted a boozy milkshake known as the #TreatYoself: vanilla ice cream, crushed chocolate chip cookies, Bailey’s, and of course some red food dye to make it all pink (hey, I may be single, but I’m still a hopeless romantic). I also ended up making an instructional video to ~get with the times~ because digital journalism is the future and even though my videography skills are abysmal, I wanted to switch it up a bit. If you’re in need of some self love this week (or you just like milkshakes, that’s cool too), watch my tutorial and give this drink a try. My roommates and I had a blast sipping our pink shakes while we watched cheesy rom-coms — there’s no heartbreak Matthew McConaughey and boozy cookie drinks can’t fix.

*fun fact:  while shooting the video, I accidentally said red food poisoning instead of dye, so that’s what that little blip is. You can’t take me anywhere.

#TreatYoself Milkshake:


4-5 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 tsp of sugar

Milk (fill up to 1/3 of the ice cream when in blender)

2 chocolate chip cookies, crushed in large chunks (red velvet could also work)

1 shot of Bailey’s

6-7 drops of red food dye, depending on your preferred level of pinkness


  1. Fill blender with ice cream. Pour milk on top until it covers a third of the ice cream.
  2. Add in cookies, dye, sugar, and Bailey’s.
  3. Blend until smooth, not too thin but no huge chunks either (no more than a minute). Pulse and stir contents as needed.
  4. Pour out, and enjoy! Best sipped from a mason jar with a fancy straw.

Bon Appetit!



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